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Hi, I’m Jack. I am a fan of technology, education, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in reading and web development. I'm an Expert in server maintenance.

No matter where you are in the world, FE is connecting engineers and telecoms every day. Nowhere is too far away - and even remote jobs can be handled easily through our global platform.

Field Engineer is an online marketplace that connects businesses who have jobs with Telecom Engineers who have the skills and availability to complete them.

We live, breathe and bleed telecom. We’re dedicated to directly connecting field engineers and the businesses that hire them to unleash opportunities in an era of insatiable digital demand.

Rapid advances in technology mean frequent updates and organizations must keep up with the changes or face losing their competitive edge.

As new technologies like software-defined networking (SDN), SD-WAN, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to grow in mellowness and adoption, organizations are faced with transforming their networks to keep up with the changes. For a project to really get going and ultimately be successful, dedicated people are required.

Professional cell site technicians work on demand for small cell technology, and they specialized in cell tower installation, maintaining and cell site deployment.

We have Pool of talented Field Engineers standing by to successfully complete multi-site network deployment of routers install, switches install for LAN, MPLS, WAN.

Field Engineers help to keep your servers operating at peak-performance: annual maintenance for servers & break-fix services, health check, network diagnostics, and security.

Enterprise routers are basic products for any business/enterprise. They play the important role for businesses and enterprises in connecting computer networks and the internet. Routers have many functionalities such as enterprise routing, higher CPU capacity to control place tasks.

Enterprise wireless routers come in different sizes and functionalities which depend on the company’s size and data usage. These routers are modular and rack-mounted products which are designed to be centrally located. What does Enterprise Router even mean? Let’s break it down. A router is a networking device that forwards data packets amongst computer networks. Routers assist in guiding network and website traffic efficiently. A packet is a vehicle that transports data across networks.